Love Your Body!

SaraThere’s one undeniable fact about our society that, frankly, drives me nuts. The fact is, the majority of women–about 90%–are unhappy with their bodies. People are continually comparing their bodies to what they see in magazines, in movies, and on TV.  Honestly, I’m tired of it.

I have a confession… I LOVE MY BODY!  I love showing my body off.  I love shopping for clothes my size. If you have a problem with what I wear or what I look like, then don’t look at me. I am so tired of people assuming I’m dieting, exercising to lose weight, or unhappy with my body.

My body is part of who I am, and I love it!

Summer is a time for shorts and swimsuits and tank tops, and I am wearing all of it. My thighs jiggle, I have cellulite, and my stomach pokes out. This hasn’t stopped me from living my life to fullest, and having the most amazing summer yet.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I’m far from it. Some days I feel disgusting, and sometimes I can’t help but compare myself to beautiful women in the media. Everyone has flaws and things they want to change about themselves, inside and out. My advice is to try not to focus on those things every second of every day. I’ve been there, and it’s an exhausting place to live your life.

I know I could be in better shape, and could live a healthier life. But those are things I need to do for me. Being healthy should be a goal in itself, not just to look like the women in magazines–it’s a goal toward a better you. And it will come in your own time. Changes come when they are truly desired, and they can’t be forced. I have dieted and exercised and lost weight, but I gained it all back. Why?  Because I didn’t really want to lose it in the first place!

Your body is a work of art. It is unique and real and perfect.

I hate it when women talk badly about other women’s bodies, but I hate it even more when they talk negatively about their own. Confidence is beautiful and liberating. Embrace your body. You are so much more than what people see at a glance.

If there’s one thing that’s been on my mind all summer, it’s been my body and my body image. I’ve resolved not to change for anyone, because I am truly happy with who I am, and what I look like.  So stop talking about my body, because I’m too busy being happy and fulfilled with who I am to listen.

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” – Amy Bloom.


5 thoughts on “Love Your Body!

  1. Hey this article was really uplifting. This is something every woman should see!! Its not always how you look. Your confindence in your self is what makes you attractive. I must congratulate you on this next time you stop by Bradley’s.


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