Year-end Reflection: Andrew Blake

WCBABLAKBlogging for the Women’s Center this semester has been a great opportunity to explore social justice and gender equity issues that are not as always as keenly fixated in my mind as they should be. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems that there is a general consensus that gender equity issues have been largely resolved in our society, and that feminist ideology or goals are no longer necessary. Being involved with a blog like this is a great illustration of how far from the truth this is. In staying attentive to news or headlines that would be pertinent for pieces in this blog, I was surprised to see the frequency of discriminative practices or unequal treatment.

What was particularly nice about this course is the flexibility that has been built in to allow bloggers to write about subjects they are interested in. By doing this, I think it not only motivates bloggers to write better pieces, but it has also allowed for me to further explore issues within my degree programs. Particularly, it was nice to have the freedom to write pieces about feminist movements or gender policies in several nations as it has furthered my understanding of women’s issues in the international arena and in some ways has given me an additional lens through which to analyze and understand world events. As an International Studies and Political Science major, this is an invaluable tool and something I believe will help me in my studies.

This being said, there are definitely things that I would like to try in further blogging. Often times, my interest and comfort lay in writing about policy or events relating to gender equity. While this was great, I would enjoy exploring more local issues and events, and also would enjoy writing a more reflective or personal piece.


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