Lavender Graduation 2013

Erin Heuring

The LGBTQA Office would like to celebrate the accomplishment of the graduation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and ally students at the Lavender Graduation. The University of Idaho recognizes the contributions which these individuals have made to the school and community over the years of their attendance. The date of the Lavender Graduation is Tuesday, April 23 2013 (tonight!) at 7:00 pm in the Commons Clearwater/Whitewater rooms.

The history of the Lavender Graduation begins in 1995, when the director of the University of Michigan LGBT Resource Center, Ronni Sanlo, made the decision that it was time for LGBT students to have a graduation of their own similar to other racial or ethnic minorities on campus. Since that time, many universities have adopted the tradition of celebrating the fact that LGBTQA students have made it through the college experience successfully.

The keynote speaker will be Harvey Katz, a spoken word artist who addresses the mainstream understanding of gender and sexuality through spoken word poetry and rap parody. Katz is a solo member of Athens Boys Choir. Katz/Athens Boys Choir and has been performing since 2003.

Please join us in celebrating the unique accomplishments and contributions of our LGBTQA students today!


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