What You Should Know

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

The Women’s Center and Vandal Nutrition are teaming up to bring a week-long series of events to campus in observance of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Please visit our UIdaho webpage for a list of events happening Feb. 25 – March 1 or the NEDAwareness official webpage for more information.

The theme of this year’s week is ‘Everybody Knows Somebody,’ which is meant to inform even those who don’t suffer from eating disorders to be aware of the signs and symptoms of them to further be able to recognize them in their friends, family, and acquaintances.

For more information, please email wcenter@uidaho.edu or Marissa Lucas at mlucas@uidaho.edu.

Enjoy the Oscars? 

I definitely didn’t. The host, Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and Ted, succeeded in making a terrible show as well as many massively insulting sexist ‘jokes’ at this weekend’s Oscars’ ceremony. Reinsburg of BuzzFeed attempted to count these insults and managed to narrow them down to the top nine, including the opening ‘Boob Song,’ domestic abuse, and sex with minors.

While the common response to this year’s show was seemingly negative, the ratings prove differently. As “Sunday night’s show brought in a U.S. audience of 40.3 million, up one million or 3 percent from the 2012 broadcast for the biggest Oscar audience in three years […] In fact, MacFarlane did exactly what producers probably hoped he would, which is goose viewership among the most coveted demo, young men and people aged 18-49, with the latter up 11 percent over last year and viewership among men 18-34 up 34 percent.”¹

Republicans Promoting Gay Marriage?

Maybe the end of the world did happen in 2012, as it appears that many (at least 75) prominent Republicans, who had previously not supported the legalization of gay marriage, have stepped up to support it. A legal brief was recently signed to show support of the striking down the Prop 8 in the Supreme Court, “[arguing] that same-sex marriage promotes family values and is consistent with the conservative principles of ‘limited government and maximizing individual freedom.'”²

¹Gil Kaufman, “Oscar Rating’s Up…”

²Margarat Hartmann, “Prominent Republicans Break With Party…”


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