Confessions of a College Sophomore: Revelation #6

Race to the Finish Line

So this is where I’m supposed to say something prophetic or meaningful about how wonderful this semester has been. While I do enjoy sentimentality and deep quotes found on Pinterest, I’ll try something else.

This is what I’ve learned in the fall 2012 semester:

  1. The battle of homework and Netflix is still ongoing. That probably won’t change anytime soon.
  2. I am a writer. It’s not because I do these blog posts, or because I do NANOWRIMO (although this year unsuccessfully. Shit happens.) I call myself a writer because it’s what I do. I write. I love it and I don’t see myself doing anything different with my life. Why deny fate?
  3. Writing myself a note is a good way of remembering things. With a mind like a tennis racket, messages tend to fall through the cracks.
  4. Break-ups suck. This semester marks my first experience with ending a serious relationship – this was my first serious relationship actually, so everything felt sort of new and wonderful and awkward. I know that it was for the best, but knowing this doesn’t stop the loneliness from creeping in at night. It doesn’t stop my mind from recalling our first kiss – Halloween, I was a spy and he was a Ninja Turtle – or all the Sunday movie nights. It sucks sometimes. It sucks now.
  5. The pain of break-ups doesn’t last forever. While procrastinating, I came across the phrase, “Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person.” After almost three months, this is where I’m at. I hope he has a great life and will find someone to love him, but I don’t want it to be me. He was a series of moments, but that’s all he was, despite how wonderful some of those moments were.
  6. I have a really nice butt.
  7. Sometimes you need to give yourself compliments. Even if someone else might say the same thing later in the day, tell yourself now. It’s one step closer to believing it.
  8. A good cup of tea will ease the tension after hours of writing an essay.
  9. The world will continue to spin even if you stand still.

This semester has been really – shall I say – interesting? I’ve gone through a lot, as described above, but I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that no matter what happens in life, other things will happen to overshadow the bad things. Is that prophetic? I don’t know. I’m too sleep deprived.

So thank you world for listening to my confessions. Will there be more?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Good luck on the new semester everyone and good luck on life.


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