Yin Radio: Do Liberal Women Hunt?

Woman The Hunter Book
Excerpts from this book are included in this episode of Yin Radio

This broadcast of Yin Radio, which aired on February 11, 2012, explores the challenges faced by women hunters. A grad student and liberal feminist hunter discusses her experiences and research into the changing face of the hunter as the traditional man’s world of the hunt expands to include women. Literary excerpts and music are included.

Listen to the audio: Yin Radio: “Do Liberal Women Hunt?” 


Yin Radio is a weekly program that features women’s voices and a feminist perspective on subjects ranging from relationships, money, society, politics, media, recreation, family, food, and more. Each week we explore a theme with stories from all of us, to touch us, educate us, and connect us to each other. Yin Radio has been on the air since September 2006. Since July 2011, Yin Radio has been a collaboration between the VP Foundation and the University of Idaho Women’s Center.

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